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How will registration and tracking of visitors, staff and students change?

Kevin Lloyd

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IS Basel set up a special Coronavirus webpage (https://www.isbasel.ch/connect/novel-coronavirus-covid-19). This includes our Risk Matrix (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1raLOdKPoCPd3IIfD20sZ4Mw76LIrgWrd4RVIThfHVuA/edit) as well as our Self-Declaration Form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevf5hFbsoktv0hpvc_RAT_aYDeX37Zizrpbs1qTXg9pzRSFA/viewform), which must be completed by all visitors. At Level 4 (current stage), no pre-authorised visitors are permitted. 

We are currently completing our new De-escalation Matrix - we are possible opening part of the school on 11 May - this will be added to our website, once completed.

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Bradley, this risk matrix is excellent.  I'm curious when you start opening school (level 3 and lower) what will you have in place to check on the health of your students/staff? Will you have temperature checks or any self assessments like you are using for visitors? How about social distancing?     


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One thing to consider is having your security personnel who are screening everyone entering the campus to be equipped with PPE.  Or at least a mask and gloves at a minimum.  They should also be trained on what symptoms to look for as people enter the campus. 


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