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    • Considerations and Strategies to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 at International Schools

      COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future and its impact on international schools will continue. The virus itself is evolving, the science related to the virus, to vaccines, and to testing is also evolving. The evolution of is global, however mitigation needs to be done at a local level. 

      A current understanding of the situation with the virus will enable schools to implement up to date mitigation strategies. These strategies should incorporate vaccinations, screening, process and procedures as well as communications. 

      See the considerations and insights shared by our panel.
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    • Emerging trends in Education Since COVID19
      Has COVID-19 caused schools, inadvertently, to take a step away from the structures of yesterday and make a giant leap forward for our future education? Emerging indicative trends for 2021 include:

      • Flexibility in school models and online delivery
      • Microlearning
      • Wellbeing of staff and students
      • Bridging the Gap
      • Twilight Insets Professional Development

      Read our full article (link)
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    • Webinar - Returning to Normal - COVID-19 Mitigation at International Schools
      As schools endeavour to provide as near normal educational experience for children as possible, moving forward and out of the global pandemic it remains uncertain how long this will take and if or when COVID-19 will cease to be an issue.  With that in mind, providing as normal and unrestricted schooling experience as possible is vital for the educational, mental and physical development of children.

      Science and technology have made significant advancements during the pandemic that can contribute to providing a normal, positive educational experience. Included in this are vaccines, tests, equipment and processes that when combined can serve to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 significantly. Our panel will address the tools and procedures that schools can consider as part of their own mitigation efforts.  Specifically, we will address:

      Vaccines – limitations and considerations for an effective policy in your school

      Screening – types of testing that we can expect, other tools that can be used how to implement as part of your schools’ procedures

      Procedures and Processes – insights as to supporting processes / procedures and related technology schools might consider

      The importance of effective communication and documentation to create understanding, buy-in, and confidence within your community 


      Dr David Teo – Regional Medical Director Asia, International SOS
      Colin Brown – Founder Nex.D, COO Skoolbo, Edtech investor
      Peter Slater – Vice President, Operations and Health, Safety and Environment – GEMS Education
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    • Round Table Discussion - Preparedness at Schools – Planning avoids Future Disruption.
      The Pandemic caught everyone unprepared and has highlighted the importance to have an emergency plan. As we return students to classrooms around the world let us be prepared for any kind of emergency or crisis that schools may face. In order to be properly prepared, a school should follow the 7 steps in Emergency Planning Management. <br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#3b4043;font-size:13px;">Prepare Alert Communicate Respond Recover Assess Mitigate  Join our discussion with the former federal law enforcement agent and CEO of Clearpath EPM Mike Johnson. He will guide all participants through these steps to be prepared for the future and help schools avoid possible disruption. 

      As this is a Round Table session we will limit attendance to a maximum of 8 schools. 

      Please RSVP if you intend to join.

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    • Interview - How Technology can help improve transportation service offering with Operations Risk Manager at an International School in China
      Interview with Carlos Guerrero

      Carlos outlines the challenges of normal or Pre-Covid operations called for busses to run with full rider capacity and have the most optimal routes (fewer routes). Now that model has been turned upside down and the school is often required to operate at half capacity or less and manage the difficulty in balancing fluctuations in ridership. How he responded to manage and eventually succeed in this changing environment was to embrace technology. There are three areas Carlos highlighted where technology has helped: Safety, Efficiency and Communications. .
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  • Upcoming Events

    • 22 Apr 2021 10:00 Until 11:00
      COVID-19 has strained resources at schools due to changing regulations, schedules impacting routes and requirements for the health and safety of staff and students. Technology has been the enabler for schools to deliver a quality transportation service despite these disruptors.
      Join our discussion with Carlos Guerrero, International School Transportation and Operational Risk expert in program development, policy writing, and crisis response planning related to student travel, campus safety, child protection, and medical response. He will share insights on how technology can help to:
      improve safety through documenting and sharing create efficiency through cost saving tools including route planning support engagement by communicating relevant information such as schedule and procedural changes. This Round Table session will be limited to a maximum of 4 schools. Please register below if you intend to join.
      This event is free of charge.
    • 27 Apr 2021 09:00 Until 10:00
      This is the second of a 4-part series of webinars addressing the need to return schools to normal during COVID times.
      Moving forward and out of the global pandemic it remains uncertain if or when COVID-19 will cease to be an issue. COVID-19 impacts international schools in a variety of ways and one that should not be overlooked is the impact on staff – recruitment, mobility and travel all have significant implications that are exasperated as a result of COVID-19.
      Our panel will address a variety of scenarios along with insights on how to manage your staff in these difficult times.  Specifically, we will address:
      •    International Recruiting 
      •    Mobility
      •    Travel
      The Classroom Partnership
      Sapna Gore – Associate Director – International Teaching Partnership 
      Alison Colville – Director – Permanent Staffing Solutions – The NQT Partnership
      Georgie McIntyre – Director of Learning and Development 
      World Travel Protection
      Sara Shaw - Partnership Director, Australia
      Rodger Cook – GM, Global Security Services
      📅 Please Register Here for this Webinar
      Rodger Cook – GM, Global Security Services
      Rodger joined World Travel Protection (WTP) in 2020 as Security Director in the Brisbane-based Command Centre. He works closely with clients that come from a diverse range of businesses, including universities, security firms, travel management agencies, business continuity advisors and human resources consultants, to identify potential travel risks and provide expert security advice and support. 
      “No two days are the same. One minute I can be discussing the needs of a global resources company, and the next I can be talking to a high school about their upcoming excursion to Paris,” says Rodger.
      “Working in travel risk management is about being pragmatic. You need to understand that, for the vast majority of travellers, their trip will go as planned; what you need to be prepared for when things don’t go to plan. That is, when things start to slip away, you need to have an assistance company or some structure to help you stay safe and recover.”
      Rodger has valuable experience gained in some of the worlds hot spots including places like Rwanda, East Timor and Iraq. He has held senior roles for mining, oil and gas companies, living and working in Indonesia, Madagascar, Zambia and Papua New Guinea.”
      That depth of experience, and having worked client-side before joining the travel assistance world, means Rodger understands what clients are looking for when it comes to developing a robust travel risk management program. 
      Sara Shaw - Partnership Director, Australia
      Alison Colville, Director – Permanent Staffing Solutions
      Alison has been in the Recruitment Industry for over 30 years recruiting across all sectors of Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare and Education for large Corporates such as Adecco, Manpower and Blue Arrow and niche brands including her current role with The international Education Partnership part of The Classroom Partnership. 
      Sapna Gore – Associate Director – International Teaching Partnership 
      Georgie McIntyre – Director of Learning and Development – The Classroom Partnership
      Georgie as Director of Learning and Development is developing The Classroom Partnership’s learning and development strategy and product portfolio for both the UK and International school community. With a foundation of teaching, Georgie has worked in the International School Community for over seven years. Her previous roles and experience highlights include Chief Learning Officer for the ECIS and the Head of Training for Cambridge Assessment International Education.
    • 04 May 2021 09:00 Until 10:00
      This is the third of a 4-part series of webinars addressing the need to return schools to normal during COVID times.

      Moving forward and out of the global pandemic it remains uncertain if or when COVID-19 will cease to be an issue. COVID-19 impacts international schools in a variety of ways and one that should not be overlooked is the impact this continues to take on students.
      Our panel will address a variety of scenarios along with insights on how to support your students in these difficult times.  
      Meredith Herold - Penbrae Consulting
      The Classroom Partnership
      World Travel Protection
      Register Here for this Webinar
    • 11 May 2021 09:00 Until 10:00
      The fourth of our series on Returning to Normal in COVID times at international schools.
      At international school opportunities for international trips is a key component of the experience offered.  Whether class trips, sporting events or other competitions, the opportunity to travel has been a normal, expected and important offering.  COVID-19 has halted this opportunity for students.  Going forward, it is expected these opportunities will resume, however with new challenges.
      Our webinar today will interview Ben Cooper of World Travel Protection who will explore implications and share insights that schools can consider as they endeavour to offer international experiences to their students, whether hosting events on campus or sending students abroad.  
      📅 Please Register Here for This Webinar
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