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    • Roundtable Video - Addressing Geopolitical Conflict at International Schools - Russia's invasion of Ukraine
      Please find a detailed discussion with Rob Ford, Director of the Heritage International School in Chisinau, Moldova as he share with us what it has been like to be near the frontlines of this invasion, what it was like in the early days and how they are coping with the varied challenges that are affecting students and the community.  This conversation was supported by Doug Walker, Chief Programs Director at Mercy Family Center and Meredith Herold, Senior Consultant at Penbrae International Consulting where they addressed various coping strategies that schools can employ within their own schools and communities as this war continues.

      View the Recording Here
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    • Event Comment in Addressing Geopolitical Conflict with Students at International Schools - Roundtable Discussion
      Those attending have raised the following questions for discussion regarding their mental health challenges related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine:

      Anxiety about the impact on the rest of the world and concern for family and friends in the Ukraine. Russian students' concern

      - Most of our students are from East Asia and are less affected by the conflict, making it harder for our European students
      - Displacement of the masses and its future.
      - We have taken in several Ukrainian refugees and we worry about how best to support them.
      - PTSD, Transition, Loss, Grief, fear of Unknown, etc..
      - Boarding schools with both Russian and Ukrainian students
    • Emergency Preparedness - Tabletop Exercise 1 of 4 - Threat to School Transportation
      Please find the recording and presentation from the first of 4 tabletop exercises being hosted by the School Collaborative to help schools prepare for a variety of emergency they may face. This session was focused on a Threat to School Transportation.  Participants worked through a variety of scenarios as if they were addressing a real emergency.  In doing so, they address the 7 core components of emergency preparedness: 

      - Assessment
      - Mitigation
      - Preparation
      - Response
      - Recovery
      - Alerting
      - Communication

      Please join us for one of our next sessions below.  You can register here.

      - Human Created Threat - March 15th
      - Natural Disaster Threat - April 7th
      - Unknown Threat / Hazard - May 17th
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    • Emergency Preparedness at International Schools - Tabletop Exercise - Threat to School Transportation
      For nearly two years international schools have been focused on COVID-19 and mitigation efforts to manage the pandemic and the impact it has had on schools, students, staff and school communities.  COVID-19 remains a challenge, however schools need to continue to prepare for a variety of emergency they may face.  As such, The School Collaborative, in cooperation with Clearpath Alerts and Together School is offering a series of four tabletop training sessions for schools to help them with their preparation.  These sessions will address:

      Threat to School Transportation - February 15th

      Human Created Threat - March 15th

      Natural Disaster Threat - April 7th

      Unknown Threat / Hazard - May 17th

      Each session will be limited to 10 participants.  Participants will work through 3 scenarios in small groups addressing the 7 core components of emergency preparedness








      Participants will leave with an insights on emergency preparedness as well as processes and resources that exist for them to utilize.  

      Please Register HERE


      Michael Johnson - CEO Clearpath Alerts

      Mike consults U.S. and international schools to build and maintain robust emergency preparedness, risk, and safety programs through dynamic technology solutions and consulting services. As CEO of Clearpath Alerts, Mike created the Clearpath EPM Prepare My School asynchronous training courses. With an extensive career in military, law enforcement and security services, Mike now specializes in working with institutions (educational sector, non-profits, and NGOs), corporations, and live event organizers to build resilience into their operations. 




      Kevin Lloyd - Co-Founder of Together School Ltd

      Kevin has working with International Schools for the past 6 years. He is a co-founder of The School Collaborative, the hosts of this webinar and of Together School, a company focused on improving international school’s safety and security as well as engaging the school’s community. Together School brings systems, processes and people at a school all together in one App providing relevant and critical information to the right person at the right time.

      Prior to working with International Schools, Kevin has had a career in Enterprise Communications developing products and solutions with Nokia, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson and Siemens Enterprise Communications. 
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    • Webinar Series Child Protection at International Schools - Child Protection Training Overview - Part 3 of 4
      In this webinar, participants gained insights to Child Protection training strategies and requirements needed to meet the needs of all school community members. From leaders and teachers to support staff, parents, and students, participants understood learner needs, training content, and certification. This webinar covered Level 1,2,3 certification as well as training designed for specific stakeholder groups. Participants received handouts and a complimentary seat to ChildSafeguarding.com 

      Key Takeaways:

      Understanding of the different learning needs of stakeholder groups at a school

      Understanding the different types of Child Protection training available

      A copy of the Child Protection training guide

      A complimentary seat on ChildSafeguarding.com

      Here are the slides from this session Child Protection Training for All Members of the School Community - The School Collaborative.pdf

      The webinar recording is here.

      Here is an overview of the focus areas for a schools Child Protection program - Child-Protection-Responsibilities-for-a-School-ChildSafeguarding.com_.pdf

      Special thanks to our facilitator for this session - Matt Harris, Ed.D., Co-Founder and CEO of Childsafeguarding.com
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