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Emergency Preparedness - Tabletop Exercise 1 of 4 - Threat to School Transportation

Kevin Lloyd

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Please find the recording and presentation from the first of 4 tabletop exercises being hosted by thAdobeStock_270984852.thumb.jpeg.9fd7d17160c7217321aa29c5ba56de86.jpege School Collaborative to help schools prepare for a variety of emergency they may face. This session was focused on a Threat to School Transportation.  Participants worked through a variety of scenarios as if they were addressing a real emergency.  In doing so, they address the 7 core components of emergency preparedness: 

  • Assessment
  • Mitigation
  • Preparation
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Alerting
  • Communication

Here are the slides for this session. Emergency Preparedness Table Top 1 .pdf

You can also access the recording here.

Please join us for one of our next sessions below.  You can register here.

  • Human Created Threat - March 15th
  • Natural Disaster Threat - April 7th
  • Unknown Threat / Hazard - May 17th


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