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Returning to Normal in COVID times – Student Mental Wellbeing


Kevin Lloyd
Webinar Series

This is the third of a 4-part series of webinars addressing the need to return schools to normal during COVID times.


Moving forward and out of the global pandemic it remains uncertain if or when COVID-19 will cease to be an issue. COVID-19 impacts international schools in a variety of ways and one that should not be overlooked is the impact this continues to take on students.

Our panel will address a variety of scenarios along with insights on how to support your students in these difficult times.  


Meredith Herold - Penbrae Consulting

Dr. Elke Paul - CreatePositive

Dr. Doug Walker - Chief Programs Director of Mercy Family Center

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Panelist Bio's

Dr. Elke Paul

Elke is an international wellbeing education expert. She holds a PhD in Comparative Education, a university degree (Diplom) in Social Pedagogy, a certification in Positive Psychology and she is an experienced Yoga and Mediation instructor. Dr. Paul has lived and worked in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia and has gained deep insight into international wellbeing school transformation. Committed to human skills learning, Dr. Paul is currently launching the startup CreatePositive with an interdisciplinary team, to realize the vision of wellbeing in education at scale. 

Dr. Doug Walker

Doug is a Clinical Psychologist and Chief Programs Director of Mercy Family Center, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA In response to Hurricane Katrina in September of 2005, Dr. Walker created Project Fleur-de-lis, New Orleans’s largest school-based mental health program devoted to students struggling emotionally and academically in the years following the storm and destruction. Since the creation of Project Fleur-de-lis, his experience and expertise in assisting individuals and communities exposed to man-made and natural disasters has grown to include training and consultation in twenty-five countries. He has been particularly active within the international school community having served as technical advisor to the US State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools and Guyana’s Ministry of Health to assist in the dissemination of trauma-focused, evidence-based practices.

In 2016, Dr. Walker completed a Fulbright Specialist Scholarship in Fukushima City, Japan where he conducted lectures in disaster mental health, and collaborative research into peer-to-peer support post-2011 Tōhoku earthquake, tsunami, and level 7 meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. He functions as an Afflicted Consultant for the Council of International Schools (CIS), is a member of the International Child Protection Task Force, and contributes to the efforts of The Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) as a member of their Rapid Response Team. 

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