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Round Table - Preparing for 2021 and beyond at International Schools


Kevin Lloyd
Webinar Series

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1914366201_2021MaskorNoMask.png.cb5925e95753523f4843880b17306c01.png2020 has provided a new perspective especially the impact COVID-19 has had on the way schools operate; the lessons learned should and need to provide a roadmap for schools to follow into the future. 

Mitigation – limiting exposure and the impacts of an exposure 

  • Contact tracing
  • Masks
  • Screening – rapid tests, antibody tests, reporting, travel reporting, contact tracing, temperature checks, etc. 
  • Vaccinations – are schools relying on this to return to normal?  What requirements and processes are being considered.
  • Access Management for Schools

Flexibility – schools have had to become increasing flexible to address disruption, daily changes and provide alternatives 

  • Permanent Remote learning – quarantine, VR, etc. 
  • Adaptable such as transportation, canteen or other related services.  
  • Financial commitments


  • Communication effective and timely
  • Manage immediate updates effectively
  • Communicate to individuals or groups
  • Get in front of
  • Privacy
  • Technology using able to support your needs

These and other considerations need to be factored into school planning.  We will use this session as a starting point for a discussion that will continue into 2021.

Please RSVP to this event if you wish to attend. If you are not yet a member of the International School Recovery Forum you can inform Kevin Lloyd via email at kevin.lloyd@educemobile.com. We will limit the attendance to this event to 12 schools in order to facilitate an interactive discussion.

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Kevin Lloyd


14 Schools from around the world are joining us today!  The insights gathered will be shared on the Recovery Forum.

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