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  • COVID-19: Interpreting the Government Guidance in a PESSPA Context

    Kevin Lloyd

    About This File

    Context Introduction:
    As we move towards the planned wider re-opening of schools and facilities afPE has prepared this document to support the Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (education based) workforce.
    Each school is different – some have been operating on a reduced pupil basis, in a different way, or the site has been closed completely. We want to stimulate discussion, allow schools
    to manage their situation as we know and understand that educational contexts are different in terms of the size, age and layout of buildings. Leaders are reminded to always follow Government and employer’s guidelines. The ultimate decision about pupil safety will depend on context and geography, and is therefore for
    individual headteachers to make, in consultation with their governing body.

    We know all colleagues want children and young people (C&YP) to be safe and well and it is also important that the workforce is protected and safe. Considerations regarding PPE (that
    have been available to special school staff and some mainstream schools, with pupils with high level medical and physical needs) and hand washing facilities must also be considered as
    part of whole school consideration around effective infection, protection and control. 

    Below are three key questions you may want to consider in your planning:
    1. Have you reviewed your risk assessments before re-commencing physical education?
    2. Does your teaching activity meet the Government requirements? www.gov.uk/coronavirus
    3. Are your teaching plans consistent with the requirement of any whole school/employer expectations which may have developed in response to the national guidance?
    Key principles for supporting safe PESSPA:
    • Clean frequently touched surfaces
    • Wash hands frequently as part of a clear hygiene regime
    • Minimise contact
    • Ensure good respiratory hygiene
    Ensure pupils are regularly informed about what good hygiene is. Decide the approach to enhance hygiene (for example, toilet use, hand washing) and decide on the policy related to usually
    shared items (for example, practical equipment).

    Ensure clear notices that build on NHS and Government guidance are on display, avoid information over load or the message will get lost. Posters are
    available for education settings.

    COVID-19-Interpreting-the-Government-Guidance-in-a-PESSPA-Context-FINAL (1).pdf

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