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  1. until
    As schools endeavour to provide as near normal educational experience for children as possible, moving forward and out of the global pandemic it remains uncertain how long this will take and if or when COVID-19 will cease to be an issue. With that in mind, providing as normal and unrestricted schooling experience as possible is vital for the educational, mental and physical development of children. Science and technology have made significant advancements during the pandemic that can contribute to providing a normal, positive educational experience. Included in this are vaccines, tests,
  2. Introduction COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future and its impact on international schools will continue. The virus itself is evolving, the science related to the virus, to vaccines, and to testing is also evolving. Although the pandemic is global, mitigation of the impact of the virus needs to be managed at a school and local level. A current understanding of the situation with the virus will enable schools to implement up to date mitigation strategies. These strategies should incorporate vaccinations, screening, process and procedures as well as communications.
  3. until
    The Pandemic caught everyone unprepared and has highlighted the importance to have an emergency plan. As we return students to classrooms around the world let us be prepared for any kind of emergency or crisis that schools may face. In order to be properly prepared, a school should follow the 7 steps in Emergency Planning Management. Prepare Alert Communicate Respond Recover Assess Mitigate Join our discussion with the former federal law enforcement agent and CEO of Clearpath EPM Mike Johnson. He will guide all participants through these steps to be prepared for the future and help schools av
  4. until
    COVID-19 has strained resources at schools due to changing regulations, schedules impacting routes and requirements for the health and safety of staff and students. Technology has been the enabler for schools to deliver a quality transportation service despite these disruptors. A command-and-control centre providing an overview of the bus operations combined with an app has allowed schools to respond effectively. Join our discussion with Carlos Guerrero, International School Transportation and Operational Risk expert in program development, policy writing, and crisis response planning r
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