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Webinar - Travel Risk Management for International Schools - A new ISO Standard


Kevin Lloyd
Webinar Series


Travel is a part of regular operations at International Schools - whether that’s staff travelling from their home country to the school, or students going on international trips and this brings inherent risks.  It is a legal requirement with significant implications that risks associated with travel are mitigated.  Now the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has created a framework to guide organisations on managing travel risks, which was released in September. 

While travel risk management has been a key part of an organisation's legal, compliance and duty of care responsibilities for some time, this is the first globally recognised standard. Meeting these standards will showcase your school's commitment to traveller safety, help you stand out as an employer and school of choice, and provide peace of mind to your travel managers, staff and families that you have mitigated all foreseeable risk.

Join Director of Distribution and Partnerships from World Travel Protection, Alex Twiggs, and Regional Security Director, Frank Harrison, as they explains what is covered by ISO 31030 and the benefits of following the standard.  

  • Protecting personal data, intellectual property and assets
  • Reducing legal and financial exposure
  • Enabling business in high-risk locations
  • Enhancing your school's reputation and credibility
  • Contributing to business continuity capability and organisational resilience
  • Improve confidence in travel-related health, safety and security arrangements

Alex and Frank will also introduce how World Travel Protection can provide further support to schools looking to mitigate their travel risk.

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We would recommend this webinar for school leadership teams, operations, administration, travel management and anyone who might be responsible for planning school trips.

Frank Harrison - Regional Security Director, North America 

208897553_FrankHarrison-nobackground.png.21246adea1e565b33bd2e45a35e1e9c5.pngFrank has a diverse background in emergency, operations and security risk-management planning, Frank joined the World Travel Protection (WTP) team in February 2021. Frank focuses on delivering security tools to front-line assistance team members. He supports travelers who may experience a security-related crisis event, by providing best-in-class security tools and service offerings that can be easily understood and used. 

Frank possesses a Graduate Degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding and has worked across the globe for 20 years. His work in public security and safety, as well as consulting for the extractive resource sector, has taken him to often hostile and austere locations such as West Africa, the Middle East and the Arctic. 

Frank believes that the pandemic can be used as a lesson, it is that no one person can manage this risk alone, no matter how travel savvy they believe they are. 

Alex Twiggs, Partnerships Director EMEA - World Travel Protection

103721980_AlexTwiggs-NoBackground.png.e27cc697a16560ddf4232aa8df0092d3.pngAlex joined World Travel Protection in February 2021 after working in travel risk for over 12 years, helping organisations to ensure the wellbeing and security of their travelling populations. Alex has worked with clients across Europe and a variety of sectors including education and understands the need to find tailored solutions for every group. In his role as Partnerships Director Alex enjoys gaining a detailed understanding of his clients’ risk appetites and advising them on practical ways to implement best practice in travel risk.



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