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As we face the social emotional fallout of Covid-19, looking after oneself AND after each other is important for wellbeing. CreatePositive discusses three aspects of community wellbeing critical for coping in times of uncertainty. 
Nourishing psychological safety, care and belonging. Navigating difficult emotions Using personal character strength to drive hope and a positive outlook.  Elke Paul (PhD) and Tamara Lechner from CreatePositive will share insights to guide International Schools through these challenging times.
Elke Paul (PhD)
Elke Paul is an international wellbeing education expert. She holds a PhD in Comparative Education, a Master in Education & Social Anthropology, a university degree (Diplom) in Social Pedagogy, a Certification in Positive Psychology, she is a Senior Yoga and Meditation instructor and previous studio owner. Dr. Paul specializes in mental health education, offering school consultancy and Professional Development. She has done research on and worked for more that 30 years with schools in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. She is on the Board of the Spirituality and Meaning Division at IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association). She Is Co-Founder of CreatePositive, an international EdTech Startup to realize her vision of compassionate wellbeing education at scale. 
Tamara Lechner
Tamara Lechner is a Global Positive Education Business Developer with more than 30 years of experience. She has worked for educational wellbeing industry leaders like The Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School in Australia, and the Centre of Positive Education in the US. as the Canadian representative or lead sales developer. She has written numerous wellbeing curricular for wellbeing companies, NGO’s and school organisations. She is a mental health education book author, blog writer and a serial entrepreneur for flourishing businesses. Tamara holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with marketing, psychology and global business focus. She is Co-Founder of CreatePositive to scale wellbeing and spread her contagious happiness. 

Meredith Herold
Meredith has extensive experience in both the private and public sector including Hospitals, community and in particular international school setting. She is a registered nurse specialised in paediatrics, midwife and maternal and child health nurse. In addition, she has qualifications in Health and Safety. Meredith has worked in Australia, and across Asia. She has developed process and strategies to support schools in ensuring staff are competent and students are safe. In addition, provided onsite competency reviews, audits, mentoring and training to assist moving schools forward in a competitive international market.

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